Electric Fencing

An early warning system and a barrier to entry.

An early warning system

Smart security that’s always connected to your alarm.

Easy to maintain, cost-effective with a high ROI.

The first line of defence

An electric security fence that is connected to an alarm system is an essential part of any security solution for business premises. It is a foundational layer in any well-constructed and comprehensive security system.

An electric fence serves three main functions:

Benefits of an electric fence

Electric fences have proven to be a psychological deterrent for burglars and have been known to delay intruders from breaching a perimeter. Additionally, it can serve as an early warning system to ensure maximum security. Electric fencing acts as your first line of defence and should be zoned and synced with the business alarm system. This is so that the alarm will set off should an intruder tamper with the fence, and identified zones will indicate the location on larger sites. This is a crucial early warning system – a blaring siren draws attention to any suspicious activity and also buys time by signalling their presence before they gain entry to the premises. While the fundamentals of electric fencing remain to secure the perimeter, there are many factors to consider for optimal installation.

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