Alarm Systems

An alarm system provides a necessary layer of security between any would-be intruders and 

 you, your staff, your family, your premises, and your equipment.

Keep people and assets while preventing financial loss.

A necessary warning system between you and intruders.

Integrate the entire security solution to your alarm system.

Alarm System.

Alarm solutions range from a simple eight-zone panel, to a more complex 168 zone system. Alarm systems ensure that in the event of a burglary, the control centre will immediately be able to identify the exact offices and outdoor areas that intruders have breached. Several fixed and remote panic alarms are supplied with any Business Alarm System so that, in the case of an emergency, staff can discreetly alert us to promptly respond to the scene. Our quality business alarm systems are sourced from leading global suppliers and fitted to deter, detect and detain criminals. Our priority remains – keeping business owners, staff personally and clients safe, as well as preventing financial losses.

Layered security systems might include:

A Necessary Layer Of Security.

When it comes to securing a business premises, the key to providing adequate protection for staff, stock, equipment and the property itself, is to create several layers of security, so as to provide an early warning system that will alert management and your security company to the presence of any unwanted intruders. Layered security is about placing as many barriers between intruders and the business’ staff and valuables as possible. When a business owner invests in a layered security system, valuable time is bought during any security emergency because any intruder has more obstacles to get through. More security implementations equates to time that could literally diffuse serious crimes like burglaries and armed robberies by stopping intruders in their tracks. Layered security results in an early alarm activation and gives staff and management more time to press a further panic button and get staff to safety to avoid a confrontation and potential physical injury.

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